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Rothstein Inducted as President of Appellate Lawyers Association

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

June 13, 2008

TDR partner Michael Rothstein, newly inducted President of the Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association, discusses plans to use current technology and educational programs offered by the Association available over the Web, in order to expand the membership's reach to areas in downstate Illinois.

Michael Rothstein Installed as Leader of Appellate Bar

ISBA Bar News

June 1, 2008

Citing Aristotle’s principles of persuasion – ethos, pathos and logos – Gino L. DiVito said of his law partner, Michael I Rothstein, that he has “the qualities of character, competence and conviction that are required of those who would lead.”

With that, DiVito, a retired appellate justice, administered the oath of office to Rothstein as the 41st president of the Appellate Lawyers Association.

In his remarks on June 13, Rothstein noted that 304 of the association’s 377 members have offices in Cook County. He pledged to expand outreach to downstate appellate lawyers through collegial and educational programs.

TDR Victorious in Appellate Court in Novel Reverse-Veil-Piercing Case

December 31, 2007

The Illinois Appellate Court affirmed summary judgment in favor of our client, Don C. Trossman, completely disposing of all claims against him. The decision was made following a successful (and seldom granted) petition for rehearing regarding a novel issue of great significance to Illinois business. The appellate court’s opinion is of particular importance because it rejected the equitable theory known as self-piercing, or reverse-piercing, of the corporate veil, which had been argued by our opponents. Firm partners Gino L. DiVito, Karina Zabicki DeHayes, and Michael J. Grant represented the client during the appeal, and DeHayes argued the case before the appellate court.

Trossman v. Philpsborn, et al.

Illinois Appellate Court (2007)

TDR Defeats Securities Fraud Case

December 31, 2007

We obtained summary judgment in favor of our clients, a software development firm and a securities brokerage firm, in a multi-million dollar securities fraud and common law fraud actio

LaSalle Technology Inc., et al. v. ABN AMRO Inc., et al.

Circuit Court of Cook County (2007)

Cracking the Criminal Code

Chicago Tribune

March 16, 2007

Editorial encourages the Illinois legislature’s adoption of a new criminal code, recommended by a panel led by partner and former Illinois Appellate Judge Gino DiVito and former Governor Jim Thompson.

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